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Direct Sales - Network Marketing Business Coach

We provide these listings to help direct sellers find a Business Coach for their business and success.

Amanda Gore - Amanda's speaking, writing and whole life is committed to helping people do just that - connect their hearts with other people's hearts and reconnect their own hearts with their heads!

Barb Girson - Direct Sales/Party Plan expert, sales trainer/Registered Corporate Coach.

Belinda Ellsworth - Belinda Ellsworth...the premier motivational speaker and sales trainer for the direct sales industry! Belinda provides vital skills that enable you to produce immediate results.

Becky Spieth
- Becky Spieth is a master at providing TAKE ACTION
training and coaching that produces results and leaves attendees reaching for the next level of excellence.

Beth Jone-Schall
 - Providing excellence in training for direct sales, corporate clients, and Christian organizations.

Brian Tracy - One of the most listened to audio authors on personal and business success in the world today.

Dani Johnson - Very popular trainer and coach.  Dani has a wonderful rags to riches story.

Debbie Friedman - Passionate and energizing as she helps individuals, particularly entrepreneurs, increase the success, happiness, health, wealth, and abundance in their lives by changing negative beliefs to powerful, positive beliefs.

Ilene Meckley - Ilene is a highly popular direct sales presenter. Ilene was active in Discovery Toys for 13 years and helped over 650 consultants begin their own business as independent representatives.

Karen Phelps
 - Karen provides entertaining, interactive and informative keynotes, presentations, seminars and workshops.

Les Brown - One of our favorites.  Les is a renowned professional speaker, author and television personality who has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness.

Marthy Staley - Martha Staley is the Founder and CEO of Your Perfect World®, a Certified Dream Coach® and Inspirational Speaker. Martha's high-energy and contagious enthusiasm is what people say inspires them to find their passion, purpose and to fulfill their dreams.

Marsha Petrie Sue
 - She believes in building productive teams, leadership development, managing change and improved communications.  Marsha holds an MBA and is a former corporate executive.

Marcia Wieder
 - A charismatic speaker, Marcia is a renowned author of three books dedicated to achieving your dreams: Making Your Dreams Come True®, Life is But a Dream, and Doing Less and Having More.

Mary Christensen - The world's #1 direct selling author and speaker - makes 200 presentations worldwide a year. She will inspire your sales force to set their sights high, empower them with the attitudes and skills they need, and motivate them to take action now!

Stephanie Frank - Business building strategies to help you break through barriers, fulfill your purpose, and create the life you deserve.

What is a Direct Sales Business Coach?  Someone who coaches another on how to be more successful in their business.  Providing insight, tools and assisting you in finding direction and setting goals for your business.

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