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Cans Galore - Party Plan Game

The following definitions are clues to words that begin with the letter C. Can you get them all right?  The most with the correct answers wins!

  1. Valley with high sides (canyon)
  2. A person who eats humans (cannibal)
  3. Covering over the bed (canopy)
  4. Sailcloth (canvas)
  5. A sore in the mouth (canker)
  6. A bird (canary)
  7. A container for sugar, etc. (canister)
  8. A big gun (cannon)
  9. A sign of the Zodiac (Cancer)
  10. A country (Canada)
  11. Gallop gently (canter)
  12. Shrewd (canny)
  13. A confection (candy)
  14. Cross out (cancel)
  15. A light boat (canoe)
  16. A dance (Can-Can)

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