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Food for Thought - Home Party Plan Game


Have guests answer orally. The person who answers first, gets a point. The person with the most points wins.


On (Hostess name) pantry shelf there are cans galore, each one had a label when it came from the store; But a prankster thought it was clever and fun, To remove the labels one by one.


It was a dirty trick, but he did leave a clue, To tell if it were meat, vegetable, fruit or stew. So lets study the clue that is on each can, and get the labels back on again.

  1. The plural of the 16th letter of the alphabet (Peas)
  2. Unit of precious stones; diamonds are measured this way (Carrots)
  3. A hardening on your toes (Corn)
  4. Pulsation's of the heart (Beets)
  5. A state of worry (Stew)
  6. A predicament (Jam or Pickle)
  7. Two kinds of toes (Tomatoes or Potatoes)
  8. A sprouting town in Belgium (Brussels Sprouts)
  9. A sour, ill-tempered person from the fish family (Crab)
  10. The state of boxers ears (Cauliflower)
  11. Smallest member of a group (Shrimp)
  12. Popeye's girlfriend (Olive Oil)

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