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Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Home Party Plan Game

Here's a really for game for women!  Read the poem and the guest with the most points wins!

This is a most unusual game.
It really doesn't have a name.
It's as simple as a game can be.
Just listen and add your total and you will see.

You're fashionable and you live in a whirl,
Give yourself 10 points if your wearing a pearl.

Give yourself 10 if your toes are peeking out,
And earrings will give you another 10 to count.

Add 10 points if you're wearing red,
And another 10 if there's gray on your head.

Now count those buttons, for each you get 3,
And another 10 if your showing your knee.

Oh Boy!  Now for the big Hooray!
15 points if you kissed a man today!

Stop and listen, here's a stunner,
Subtract 3 points if you have runner (in your nylons).

So you think you are going to win?
Take away 3 for that safety pin.

If you cooked a mean and hot heated soup,
You earn 10 points and a merry WHOOP!

Attended church on Sunday...Gee that's fine!
Give yourself another 9.

This game has ended, now wasn't that fun?
Add up your score and see who won!

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