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Name That Show - Home Party Plan Game

Tell the guests you are playing a game and give each a piece of paper and a pen. Tell them all to listen good! After you are done reading, have them write down all of the TV shows that were in the story. The one with the most, wins!

I was THIRTY SOMETHING, living through THE WONDER YEARS with my FAMILY and my husband taking ONE DAY AT A TIME. We were doing okay, but THE FACTS OF LIFE were that we were not born with SILVER SPOONS in our mouths. Our savings were in JEOPARDY and we didn't want to be in debt for the rest of THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES. I finally told my husband, it's time to get out of THIS OLD HOUSE or at least make some HOME IMPROVEMENTS. I don't want to start a FAMILY FEUD but I'm YOUNG AND RESTLESS and I want to contribute to the family finances. It's time for me to GET SMART.

Don't be THE CRITIC, I'm in search of AMERICA'S MOST WANTED job. FAMILY MATTERS to me and I don't want to miss out on the PRIME TIME with the kids by hiring THE NANNY. [Your company] offers a great opportunity. THE PRICE IS RIGHT, no investment!!! Part-time work with full-time pay! And WHO'S THE BOSS? I am! But could I get up in front of a FULL HOUSE of PERFECT STRANGERS for 60 MINUTES and tell people how to take home their BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL with [Your company] merchandise and become DESIGNING WOMEN?

Of course, I have experienced some GROWING PAINS, but soon I was able to spread my WINGS and watch my business BLOSSOM. [Your company] has made me feel like I'm part of A-TEAM. I have GOOD TIMES at home with ALL MY CHILDREN. My family CHEERS when my weekly profit-check arrives!

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