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Name the Detergent - Home Party Plan Game


Have guests list all detergents and soaps named in the following story. There are 19. The one with the most wins!


With JOY in my heart, I made a DASH for the mailbox. What a THRILL to find that my package had arrived. Giving a SHOUT, I raced into the house like Haley's COMET.


"Why ALL the excitement?" asked my husband. "If you'd use some of that energy to keep the house SPIC N SPAN and to get the laundry done, I might have enough clean clothes to TIDE me over."


"So, you think housework is a BREEZE", I retorted. "Here's the WHISK, why don't you climb down from your IVORY tower and give me a hand?" "And, as for the laundry, I thought I WOODBURY it in the backyard."


"One more BOLD remark like that", he replied, "and I'm going to DIAL the dress shop and cancel the order on your new CHIFFON dress. How DUZ that strike you?"


"Not on your LIFEBOUY", I said grabbing the phone from his hand.


"I was only teasing you SWEETHEART" he said. "Now...go and open your package to CHEER you up."

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