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Advertising in Magazines & Newspapers

We have compiled a list of resources for those of you who are considering advertising in newspapers and magazines.  Always ask what their distribution numbers are and their demographics to see if they are a good match for your business and/or product.  Also, be sure to ask to be notified of special offers and sales.

Print Advertising Resources 

Americas Media Marketplace - Our company is a national leader in focused, direct response advertising.  Magazines include All You Magazine found at all Walmarts, America Baby, Fortune Small Business and many more.  They are responsible for placing ads in the back pages of these magazines.

Home Business Advertiser - More of a network marketing type magazine and definately mostly ads, however some are finding success in this affordable publication.

Home Business Magazine - A large publication offering display and classified advertising.

Home Business Connection - Published by Cutting Edge Media, a large lead service company.

Money Makers Monthly - National publication found in Barnes and Nobles and other marketing outlets.

Nationwide Advertising - Publications include Thrifty Nickels, Penney Savers and large local newspapers.

Wolf Enterprises - Offers special last minute offers for a variety of magazines.  Join his newsletter to get the latest offers.

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