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Vegetable Love Letter - Party Plan Game


Read this letter, and ask guests to insert a fruit or vegetable in the blanks. Or read the story to them with the vegetables named, and see how many they can list.


My Dearest Leslie, I am certainly in a (PICKLE). I have (BEAN) longing so for a (DATE) with you, that my heart (BEETS) fast every time I see you.


You are beautiful with your (PEACH) like complexion and your (RADISH) hair. You see, I'm really (PLUM) daffy about you, but I cannot tell whether you (CARROT) all for me.


You are the (APPLE) of my eye, and my love for you is as strong as an (ONION). Love like mine can make a (MANGO) crazy.


Please don't (SQUASH) my fondest hopes; for should you consider me a (LEMON), or (TURNIP) your nose at me, I shall go right to the bridge (ENDIVE) into the river. However, we (CANTALOUPE), so (LETTUCE) be married in December.






P.S.  I am sure I can get a (RAISIN) salary.

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