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Who Said It - Home Party Plan Game

The one who gets the most right wins!  Be sure to have pens and paper ready for this game.

  1. The devil made me do it (Flip Wilson)
  2. And away we go (Jackie Gleason)
  3. And's Johnny (Ed McMahon)
  4. What's up Doc (Bugs Bunny) 
  5. Thanks for the memories (Bob Hope)
  6. Say good night Gracie (George Burns)
  7. Bless your 'lil pea pickin' heart (Ernie Ford)
  8. Stifle yourself (Archie Bunker)
  9. Good night Chet (David Brinkley)
  10. Good morning America (David Hartman)
  11. Good morning Viet Name (Robin Williams)
  12. You look mahvalous dahling (Billy Crystal)
  13. Bah Humbug (Scrooge)
  14. Make my day (Clint Eastwood)
  15. I'll be back (Arnold Swartzenagger)

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